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We’re passionate about creating safe and sustainable water systems that are good for both our communities and the natural ecosystems. With vast experience planning and designing valued, reliable systems that meet our state’s evolving water needs, we’ll help you steward your most precious natural resource and leave a lasting legacy.

water resources

A safe, reliable water system capable of supplying a sufficient quantity of drinking water to its customers is a fundamental charge for our municipal and water supply clients. We’re experts in the master planning of public water systems; the identification of surface water sources such as rivers and reservoirs or the development of groundwater sources; the design of storage facilities for water at or near the source; the design of pumping and raw water transmission facilities used to transport water from its source to the treatment facility; the design of water treatment plants to improve the quality of water, making it safe for human consumption; the design of transmission lines, pump stations, and storage facilities used to transport treated water to intermediate storage facilities and to one or more points in the distribution system; and the design of distribution systems (piping) used to deliver the treated water to individual users connected to the system.


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Regional Water System

Wastewater – our community’s water supply after it has been used to support human life and various other purposes – must be collected, treated, and discharged back into natural waterways in order to maintain healthy and attractive living conditions. Our experienced, senior-level engineers are helping communities throughout Texas manage and improve every element of their wastewater systems: 

On-site processing, including facilities for pre-treatment of industrial wastewater before it is discharged into the collection system;

Collection and transmission systems, including the piping systems for the collection of wastewater from individual sources within a community and the pumping and conveyance of the wastewater to a treatment facility;

Treatment, which is comprised of the facilities necessary for the treatment of wastewater to an environmentally safe condition, such that the effluent can be discharged and returned to natural waterways without adversely impacting the waterway’s ecosystems.


Town of Prosper
Wilson Creek Interceptor

Modern cities are ever expanding, transforming the land from natural, rural, or vacant conditions to “urbanized,” which inevitably results in a decrease in the previous, undeveloped surface and increase in impervious surface. This urbanization of watersheds has historically caused increases in stormwater runoff flowrates and volumes, as well as the increase in frequency and magnitude of flooding.

The regulatory environment related to stormwater management is ever-changing and continues to grow in complexity. We’re committed to modern, stormwater management practices, methodologies, and excellence. We are proactive in leading both our public and private sector clients in the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of best management stormwater practices.


Legends Crossing 
Regional Detention Facility

Our engineers have been industry leaders in providing municipalities with innovative solutions to reclaim, reuse, or recycle treated wastewater for beneficial human uses – landscape and agricultural irrigation, industrial processes, toilet flushing, replenishing and supplementing surface water supplies (discharging and blending within reservoirs), and recharging groundwater aquifers.

Our Team’s experience within the region includes the permitting, planning, design, and construction management for wastewater treatment plant modifications, reuse water transmission mains, groundwater storage facilities, pump stations, and the distribution “purple” pipe systems to enable our communities to augment, protect, and support their potable water supply.

water reuse

Flat Creek Reclaimed Water Line

Strategic planning is essential to sustain economic development and to support the population growth explosion that Texas is experiencing. Our engineers have the experience and working knowledge of our region’s water needs, but also we understand that each municipality has unique challenges with unique constraints. We’re a regional leader in providing communities with long-range strategic plans to maximize their investment in their existing water infrastructure, while preparing for future population growth and economic expansion.

master planning

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City of Waco 
Pressure Planes Water System Study

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Thriving communities prioritize effective and safe mobility for cars, planes, and pedestrians. Using modern transportation technology, we’ll help you create transportation infrastructure that enhances movement equitably and responsibly to create unprecedented access to opportunity.


To provide safe, comfortable, convenient, economical, efficient, and environmentally responsible movement of people and goods, we use the latest technology and engineering principles for the planning, design, and construction management of streets and roadways. Whether the facility is a county roadway or urban street, our Team utilizes proven, innovative design techniques to deliver the right horizontal alignment combined with a safe “rideability,” while specifying the most cost effective, durable, and sustainable pavement, base, and subgrade materials.

streets & roadways 

City of Harker Heights
Heights Drive Roundabout

We’re proud of our history of providing airfield civil engineering services for the surveying, design, and construction management of runways, taxiways, aprons, and landside facilities. We work hand in hand with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to assure that our clients are maximizing their eligibility for grant funding. Our airfield pavement experts know the FAA’s technical specifications and we know how to apply them to each airfield for performance, durability, and sustainability.


Waco Regional Airport
Master Plan

We meld the artistic brush strokes of landscape architects with sound, sustainable civil engineering expertise to create aesthetic linear environments. Hike and bike trails and streetscaping have become a significant part of our repertoire. Because of our attention to detail and keen knowledge of our communities’ needs, we’re revitalizing Central Texas’ downtowns and energizing corridors to create safe, healthy, and enjoyable environments to live, work, and play.

streetscaping & trails

City of Austin
Shoal Creek

Our brand of Land Development Engineering is based on the principles and practices developed through years of experience in creating enduring and lasting places for people to work, learn, live, and enjoy. Simply put: the developments that we design work. We’ll help you develop cost-effective communities that are appealing to both the residents and the surrounding populous. 

land development

Living, working, shopping, and dining in a healthy, sustainable setting builds community. We design environments that work – economically and responsibly.

mixed-use development

Central Texas Investors

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Belfair Development, Inc.
Wyndham Hill

Our trademark subdivision design is based upon years of experience in designing neighborhoods and communities that function with the land and the surrounding environment. We have the unique ability to turn development “constraints” into marketable “opportunities” that create value for both the consumer and the developer. Our subdivisions blend modern, creative land planning techniques with sound, proven civil engineering design. The result is a “livable” neighborhood that is economically viable for the users as well as the developers, and is environmentally, financially, and socially sustainable for future generations.

Although our land development engineers have been planning and designing neighborhoods and communities for many years, we are students of the profession and we continue to grow and learn as the public places higher values on quality of life and environmentally friendly characteristics of the places they chose to work, learn, live, and recreate. Our employees, clients, friends, and family are all consumers of the results of our subdivision planning and design. Knowing and understanding the importance of our work drives us to excel in the planning and design of Conventional, Traditional, New Urbanism, mixed-use, and master-planned communities.


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Mack Hardin
Brazos Parking

Complex site development projects are a significant part of our land development practice. Feasibility studies; floodplain analyses; zoning and entitlements; grading, paving, drainage, water, and wastewater design; stormwater detention design; construction management; and regulatory agency compliance and permitting are all functions of the site development process.

Our brushstrokes on site development are visible and tangible throughout the region. Baylor’s McLane Stadium at IH-35 and the Brazos River is our most visible project and proof of our expertise, quality of work, and leadership capability to “complete the mission” on complex site development projects.

site development

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Haven Campus Communities
Haven at Waco

Our team of land development engineers have been designing multi-family communities for over 40 years! Our passion for livable communities enables us to watch college students achieve their dreams; young couples start their families; families relocating to Texas to start anew; and grandparents enjoying grandkids for the summer.

Multi-family communities

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Churches, schools, and coliseums are the cornerstones of our culture. We embrace the responsibility of delivering “cathedrals to last the ages” to the future generations of Texans.


Baylor University

Education in Texas is second-to-none! As Texas flourishes, their children will need to be prepared for the future. From kindergarten and high school through higher education, we are uniquely experienced to help guide and coach your architect to deliver you a facility with form and function.


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Coliseums for entertainment and athletics have been the gathering places for mankind throughout history. We realize that our roles, as engineers and surveyors, are to create these gathering places to serve posterity for generations.

venues & sports facilities

Baylor University
McLane Stadium

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Land surveying has been a fundamental component for the development of the human environment since the beginning of recorded history. No project can be planned, designed, or constructed without the land being measured and the earth’s surface being characterized and mapped.

land Surveying

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
Boundary Surveys
Boundary, Right-of-Way, and Easement Research
Construction Staking
Control Surveys for Aerial Mapping, Photogrammetry, and Orthophotography
Easement and Right-of-Way Surveys and Plats
FEMA Floodplain Surveys and Mapping
Geodetic Surveys
Global Positioning System (GPS) Surveys
LiDAR Mapping Support
Mining/Volumetric Surveys
Subdivision Platting
Topographic Surveys
Utility Location Surveys

The City of Waco has relied on Walker Partners to design and supervise some of our largest Water, Sewer, and Street Projects. Their engineers, support and technical personnel work closely with City staff to complete projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. They are currently assisting Waco with the implementation of our Water and Sewer Masterplans while completing a Storm Water master plan and rate study. I highly recommend them for all public works projects.”

Wiley Stem, Former City Manager
City of Waco

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