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We're looking for problem solvers who want to create a better, more sustainable future for Texas.

Working at Walker Partners isn’t about completing jobs—it’s joining a community of people who are eager to elevate each other and pursue excellence as a united, effective team. We want to help you build a career that empowers you to thrive with professional challenges, offers a sense of belonging and purpose, and gives you the tools to create a world that is stronger and more sustainable for everyone.

career growth

competitive benefits

continued education

Mentorship isn’t a perk of working at Walker Partners—it’s baked right in to our core values. From team outings to joining professional organizations, we offer meaningful ways to advance your career.

Providing a reliable foundation that enables prosperity isn’t just for clients. Our competitive benefits support you as a whole person so you’re free to thrive both professionally and personally.

We never stop learning. Through lunch and learns, licensure training, industry conferences and expert-led workshops, we’ll help you expand your professional skills and build a dynamic career.

Everyone here is just so nice, so willing to help and willing to teach you.”

Shannon Gabriel

2021 Summer Intern 
Current Engineer-in-training

Some companies focus all their effort on revenue, branding, utilization, or profit margin. Walker Partners is a rare firm that focuses on people. We know that the quality of our hires, how we treat our staff, and our dedication to the clients we work for set us apart from the competition. After all, firms don’t make projects successful, great people do." 

Aaron Archer, P.E.

Vice President

I started a career in civil and environmental engineering because I wanted to study issues of environmental inequality and support communities disproportionately affected by environmental risks. I strongly believe engineers build the backbone of communities and I'm proud to be part of a dedicated team of leaders and innovators." 

Megan Yen



Choose an internship that jump starts your career. With Walker Partners, we help you thrive with professional challenges, find a sense of belonging and purpose, and gain the skills and tools to create a world that is stronger and more sustainable for everyone. Our Design Engineering Internship is available for junior and senior civil engineering students. If you are a sophomore looking for a summer internship, please ask about our Field Engineering Internship option. To learn more reach out to Claire Muska.

broad exposure

Gain experience across survey, design and project management, inspection, and construction management.

hands-on experience

Work on real projects with the latest tools and design software. See projects in the field and attend meetings with clients.

career development

Learn from a team of mentors, attend continuing education lunch and learns and gain in-field experience.

WACO | new grad cad tech


current new grad/intern positions

waco | civil engineering internship

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