Waco Metropolitan Area Regional Sewerage System

Central Wastewater Plant Splitter Box


The Waco Metropolitan Regional Sewage System (WMARSS) entered an agreement to provide the Sandy Creek Power Supply Company with 15 MGD of Type I reuse water from their Central Wastewater Treatment Plant. Sandy Creek was in great need of the reuse water for cooling and industrial purposes, while WMARSS needed to provide their member cities with reclaimed water for irrigation and industrial use. During dry, summertime weather conditions, the Wastewater Treatment Plant only discharges 21 MGD; therefore, a plan had to be designed such that WMARSS could guarantee the delivery of 15 MGD of reuse water to the Power Plant and 7MGD of reuse water to its customers.


Walker Partners created a highly innovative solution in the form of a very complex yet simple structure at the Discharge Flume of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. This solution is a Splitter Box whereby the chlorinated wastewater is directed in to the Splitter Box instead of being discharged into the Brazos River. The first 15 MGD is reclaimed and conveyed to the Sump Pump designated for the Sandy Creek Power Plant. Once 15 MGs has been delivered to Sandy Creek, the reclaimed water is diverted to the WMARSS reuse water system. If the reclaimed water flow exceeds the demands of Sandy Creek and WMARSS (as it will during peak wet weather flows), the excess water is dechlorinated and discharged into the Brazos River.


A very simple, short-term solution could have been to modify the existing Chlorine Contact Basin and convey 15 MGD to the Sandy Creek Power Plant and allow the WMARSS customers to reclaim the remainder. A solution such as this would have been short-sighted by not providing a reliable, long-term reclaimed water supply for the WMARSS customers. So, for virtually the same capital investment, Walker Partner’s innovative solution will assure WMARSS a continual return-on-investment of the life of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  

completion date: 2010

location: waco, Tx

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