City of Waco

Pressure Planes 4 & 6 Water System Improvements


Over the course of the last two decades, Waco’s fastest growth and expansion has occurred primarily west of the City, and in particular, along the Highway 84 corridor. The water system in this area experiences very high peak demands due to the type of residential, industrial, commercial, and wholesale users that occupy this portion of the City. Compounding these high peak demands, West Waco is characterized by steep hill country terrain, located on the extremity of Waco’s water service area. The elevation differences between the hilltop and the valleys create exceedingly low water pressures in the higher elevations and remarkably high pressures in the lower elevations.

The City of Waco chose Walker Partners to provide them with a competent, resourceful, and cost effective solution to expand their water system to this new high-growth area, not only provide a reliable public water system for the current population, but to plan and provide for future growth as well.


Walker Partners first conducted a study which included a hydraulic water model, enabling us to analyze the existing water system and optimize proposed improvements to the system. As a result of this analysis, our highly experienced engineers developed a very sustainable and economical solution to provide this high-growth corridor with a reliable and redundant long-term water system.

Subsequently, the design process of the Project was sent in motion. This process began with topographic surveying of over 21,000 linear feet of the proposed pipeline route (with our in-house Survey Team), as well as surveying and securing 24 easements from landowners (also with our in-house Survey Team). Walker Partners next prepared plans and specifications for over 21,000 linear feet of 24” and 16” diameter pipeline with 500 linear feet of roadway bores and 1500 linear feet of a horizontal directional drill beneath the South Bosque River, a 30 million gallon Ground Storage Tank positioned on top of a hill to serve as an elevated storage tank, as well as a low-head pump station consisting of three 3500 gallon per minute pumps.


Walker Partners evaluated an exceptionally deficient water storage and distribution system in the highest growth area of Waco and responded by developing a sustainable, cost effective plan to be implemented in two phases. Walker Partners’ in-house survey & easement acquisition team acquired all of the easements for over $200,000 under budget, a cost savings of 67%! This cost savings can be attributed to Walker Partners’ relationships with the property owners in addition to the efficiency of performing all of the work in-house.

Furthermore, Walker Partners’ creative solution of designing and installing a ground storage tank on top of a nearby hill – in lieu of constructing an elevated storage tank – saved the City of Waco approximately 2 million dollars!

Finally, Walker Partners low-head pump station design uses far less electrical power then the high-head assembly that was originally planned, resulting in tremendous savings in operations and maintenance over the life of the pumps. Proven leadership, unparalleled expertise, excellent decisions, and flawless execution saved the City of Waco over 2.2 million dollars in capital improvements while providing a sustainable vision for growth and economic prosperity.

completion date: 2014

location: WACO, Tx

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