City of Robinson

Streets Capital Improvements Plan

In 2016, the City of Robinson began implementing a yearly Street Rehabilitation Program for its street, water, and wastewater infrastructure. Walker Partners first helped the City to strategically identify the streets to be rehabilitated in each year, taking into consideration the streets structural condition and drainage performance as well as which streets required water and wastewater improvements.

A one-page summary form was created to identify the attributes and physical condition of the existing roadway and locate the existing municipal and franchise utilities within the right of way. Based on these factors, a rehabilitation strategy was selected from rural reclamation, urban reclamation, rural reconstruction, or urban reconstruction, and a cost estimate was established. Walker Partners coordinated with City of Robinson staff to identify which water and wastewater lines were in poor condition and in need of replacement.

To help facilitate the project, and inform the residents well, the City of Robinson, along with Walker Partners, held multiple public meetings nearby or at each roadway to be rehabilitated. Schematics of each street’s proposed improvements and basic details were presented to the individual property owners. Mailboxes, landscaping, and driveway approaches were discussed. Walker Partners utilized this opportunity to get the perspective of the locals on drainage and utility problems that may not have been understood before.

Walker Partners coordinated with the various franchise utilities that are present and identified any existing utility assets to relocate that would conflict with the new roadways. In 2018, the City of Robinson bid the first Street Rehabilitation Project that included rehabilitation or reconstruction of three streets (approx. 0.875 miles) and drainage improvements along two streets. At the beginning of 2019, the City of Robinson bid the second Street Rehabilitation Project that included the rehabilitation or reconstruction of eight streets (approx. 2.78 miles) and construction of approx. 15,000 LF of waterline and approx. 3,000 LF of wastewater line. 

completion date: 2018

location: robinson, Tx

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