Baylor University

McLane Stadium Stormwater Pump Station

As part of the design team for the new McLane Stadium at Baylor University, Walker Partners was tasked with design of a storm water pumping station. McLane Stadium is constructed adjacent to the Brazos River, with a playing surface well below the 100-year floodplain elevation. To evacuate both rainwater from a 100-year flood event (16,000 GPM) and groundwater upwell (800 GPM) from a rise in the Brazos River from within the stadium, Walker Partners designed a 16,800 GPM pump station to handle flows and protect the playing surface. Numerous challenges were presented during design of the pumping facility, including construction of a large wet-well along the Brazos River.

Groundwater at this location is encountered less than 5 feet in depth. From that depth, to a depth of approximately 40 feet, flowing sand is present making normal excavation impossible. Thick reinforced concrete walls and floor of the wet well were required not only to offset significant lateral loads at this location, but also to offset buoyant forces created by a rising river level during a 100-year flood event. The wet-well for the facility was fitted with vertical axial flow pumps allowing for an extremely high efficiency (82 percent wire to water efficiency) while also having an ability to pass solids which may float into the wet-well from the stadium facilities.

Electrical costs for these operations were lowered for Baylor University by utilizing solid state starters and highly efficient pumps. Due to proper selection of construction procedures and materials on the project, the stormwater pumping facilities at McLane Stadium were completed on time and without the need for change orders for completion.

Walker Partners’ design expertise was validated when on Friday, October 23, 2015, Waco received up to 11.33 inches of rain in 24 hours – the largest rainfall event on record and one that exceeds the 100-year storm! Walker Partners’ innovative stormwater pumping and drainage system allowed the Baylor Bears to defeat Iowa State at home the very next day.

completion date: 2015

location: waco, Tx

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