City of McGregor

Wastewater Treatment Master Plan

The City of McGregor is located about 20 miles west of Waco. Their wastewater treatment plant is a 1.1 MGD extended air process plant, constructed with 92-500 grant funds in the late 1980s. Before making a significant investment in the WWTP, the City wanted to fully examine the available options.

The Wastewater Treatment Master Plan developed three alternatives and evaluated each with cost estimates. The alternatives were 1) continued use of the existing facility with improvements; 2) construction of a new treatment plant in a location that would allow flows from a majority of the collection system to reach the plant via gravity force main; and 3) joining the Waco Municipal Area Regional Sewerage System (WMARSS) for treatment of the wastewater.

The evaluation concluded that continued use of the existing facility with improvements was, by far, the most cost-effective alternative for providing wastewater treatment for the next 20 years. The most urgently needed improvement was installing dewatering equipment. We considered both centrifuge and belt press options. Tours were arranged for City staff to visit a number of installations to observe the equipment in operation and to discuss the equipment with those operating it day-to-day. In the end, we designed and constructed a one-meter belt press. 

completion date: 2010

location: mcgregor, Tx

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