City of Lago Vista

Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades


When the Lago Vista Wastewater Treatment Plant was placed in service in 2003, it immediately developed structural cracks and began to leak. It was removed from service and repairs were made to the damaged reinforced concrete structure. The plant was returned to service in 2006. In 2014 new cracking was noted and the City of Lago Vista turned to Walker Partners for answers. After evaluating the structure with structural experts it was determined the structure is in distress, but may be repaired and strengthened to provide many more years of service.


Walker Partners is working with JQ Structural Engineers to first add a second clarifier so we can remove the one and only current clarifier from service and repair it. We will then sequence repairs of the aeration basin and the digester to keep the plant in operation while repairs are completed.

Repairs will be made to strengthen the walls by addition of buttresses and use of carbon fiber mats. The concrete will then be sealed as necessary to protect the reinforcing steel from excess exposure to moisture and to retard corrosion.


The most straightforward solution to the failures of the Wastewater Treatment Plant’s structural failures was to simply remove and replace the failed structure with properly designed and constructed reinforced concrete system. The wastewater treatment plant design experts at Walker Partners performed benefit-cost analyses to develop the most beneficial long-term solution. By going the “extra mile” to examine all possible solutions, Walker Partners has prepared a plan to maximize the client’s return on their infrastructure investment. Our solution will save the City of Lago Vista millions of dollars without sacrificing longevity or function of the facility.  

completion date: 2020

location: lago vista, Tx

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