City of Bryan

Westside Sewer Extension Study & Report

The City of Bryan is anticipated to experience significant growth on the west side, much of it driven by the Texas A&M University System’s RELLIS Campus. There have been previous reports addressing this anticipated growth. This Riverside Sewer Extension Study takes information from previously prepared City studies, and synthesizes the information into a tool that the City can use to prepare for future growth. The area of the study includes approximately 4,700 acres on the City’s west side, along SH 47, and in the area adjacent to, but not including, the RELLIS Campus. Existing development within the study area is generally limited to rural property and agricultural lands. Current sewer services within the study area are minimal.

Walker Partners completed the Westside Sewer Extension concept study and report through substantial collaboration with the City of Bryan Public Works and Planning and Development departments. This study presents two feasible wastewater service alternatives with one of the alternatives as the preferred solution. The preferred alternative details options for capacity, sizing, and preliminary cost estimates for necessary improvements to the wastewater collection system in order to serve the west side area identified for annexation by the City.

completion date: 2019

location: Bryan, tx

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