Welcome to Civil Leadership | Building Beyond the Bricks, our new podcast focused on building the next generation of leaders.

As President of Walker Partners and with over 40 years of experience in civil engineering, Jed is often asked “What can I do to be a great leader?” Knowing there isn’t a perfect answer for all, Jed has brought together some incredible leaders that he has had the privilege of working with in his career. Leaders who have been true examples of how to see beyond the bricks and lead with integrity and civility. So whether you are a seasoned leader, or just beginning your career, follow along as we explore the experiences that shaped these leaders and discover the qualities and values that they share.

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For our first podcast we invited Tommy Muska, Mayor of West, TX. He is an incredible leader and longtime friend of Jed's. We recorded the episode 10 years and one day from the tragic explosion in the city of West. Join Jed and Tommy as they reflect and dive into how one man, led his friends, family, and constituents out of tragedy and into a recovery. They discuss the qualities of Tommy's leadership as Jed saw them  firsthand, day in day out. Qualities like being present, being a great friend, being a great listener, being a great follower, being passionate, being a great communicator, and having a vision for West. This is a great podcast, looking forward to y'all following along with us.

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